Terms and Conditions

By joining any tour of Munich Tours, the CUSTOMER agrees to the following conditions and release of liability.

CUSTOMER agrees to bear the full consequences alone of any outcome of participating in any activity, and CUSTOMER hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Munich Tours, its permanent, part-time, temporary, freelance, casual, paid and unpaid employees, associates, contractors, suppliers, volunteers, helpers and partners from any and all liability associated with any tour or activity. In the event that a claim against Munich Tours might prevail, the damages are limited to the price paid by the CUSTOMER to Munich Tours for the activity.

The CUSTOMER explicitly recognizes that any and all activities and tours undertaken with Munich Tours have an outdoors component, and that the CUSTOMER is therefore inherently at risk of events that may occur indoors or outdoors. Incidents that can occur while associated with any tour or activity can include, but are not limited to,

  • falling,
  • tripping,
  • slipping,
  • walking into or otherwise encountering fixed or moving objects,
  • being struck by a vehicle, animal, or human,
  • being struck by an object including falling objects and objects related to building, maintenance or repair activity,
  • vehicle-related events associated with driving as part of the activity,
  • boat-related incidents involving human, wind, or motor-powered boats, ferries, sailboats, sail or paddle boards, sculling and rowing boats,
  • animal, fish, bird, plant, and insect-related events, including being chased, scratched, bitten, stung, and eaten,
  • risk specifically associated with the activity concerned such as falling off a bicycle, falling off a mountain trail or from a fixed cable, drowning while swimming, ski injuries, and
  • anything else that may occur associated with an activity.

CUSTOMER understands that all tours and activities are exposed to the elements found in all weather conditions, including]

  • rain, hail, snow, ice, wind, lightening, avalanche, landslides, sun burn, high altitude, fog and mist, thin air with reduced oxygen, cold air and water, rough and stony ground, rocks, cliffs, and wet and slippery surfaces.

CUSTOMER understands that tours and activities may require exposure to, or use of, equipment, whether provided by themselves, by Munich Tours, or by third parties, and that there is inherent danger in the use of this equipment, including but not limited to

  • balls and other sporting equipment,
  • backpacks and other outdoor equipment,
  • bicycles and associated equipment,
  • climbing harnesses and associated ropes and carabiners,
  • skis and associated equipment,
  • trekking poles,
  • hot surfaces,
  • boats, dinghies, and kayaks.

Some tours include exposure to water not at a swimming facility and without lifeguards or lifesaving equipment, “open water”. CUSTOMER understands that open water is inherently dangerous. The risks include, but are not limited to, exhaustion, panic, hypothermia, injury by boats, choking, and drowning. Munich Tours does not offer and does not guarantee the safety of customers entering the water, “swimmers”. Swimmers swim entirely at their own risk. Swimmers explicitly indemnify Munich Tours against any and all liability associated with open water swimming, including loss, injury and death.

Some tours require the use of vehicles. CUSTOMER agrees to follow the directions of the driver, authorities, and road signs at all times. CUSTOMER agrees to be sufficiently insured against accidents or incidents of any kind while on an activity involving a vehicle, and CUSTOMER explicitly indemnifies and holds harmless Munich Tours against any and all consequences related to the use of a vehicle on a tour.

Activities offered by Munich Tours may require cars, vans, or other vehicles, private, owned, rented, or provided by third parties, with or without a driver, “vehicles”. Tours also rely on public infrastructure, especially the transport system. The successful completion of a tour may require streets to be open, paths to be available, roads to be clear, trains and buses to run on time, and vehicles to operate correctly, etc. It is obviously not in the power of Munich Tours to guarantee any of these, and it is usually not practicable and it is always financially prohibitive within the tour prices offered to provide alternatives, backups, or substitutes for any failure of these systems, especially at short notice. The CUSTOMER therefore understands that an activity may be curtailed, shortened, delayed, adapted, or cancelled due to public infrastructure or vehicle issues, and the CUSTOMER indemnifies and holds harmless Munich Tours for any consequences, including but not limited to becoming cold or tired or any other comfort factors, any health consequences arising from extended exposure, missing medications, or any other reason, missing any other activity, event, or appointment, including but not limited to flights, trains, car rental return deadlines, accommodation checkouts, plays, shows, sports events, or any other entertainment, business, family or friends’ rendezvous and events, including but not limited to meetings, conferences, trade shows, seminars, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, reunions, airport or train pickup, etc. The CUSTOMER agrees that there will be no refund or compensation for delays or any other effects arising from public infrastructure or vehicle issues. CUSTOMER agrees that Munich Tours will decide at its sole discretion what, whether, and how to react to public infrastructure or vehicle issues, regardless of alternatives, suggestions, and ideas made before during or after Munich Tours has made its decision.

Activities offered by Munich Tours take place outdoors where weather or other factors may force a cancellation. Generally, tours are not cancelled due to weather, and CUSTOMER understands that s/he must bring and use the appropriate clothing and equipment for their activity. However, Munich Tours may decide to cancel a tour at their sole discretion and at any or no notice on safety, logistics, or any other grounds. Munich Tours is not obliged to offer or state the grounds for cancellation to CUSTOMER. The refund policy in the event of cancellation is dependent on the specific tour booked (for example, some will have none, some will return half, others will retain a booking fee, etc.).

All activities offered by Munich Tours require skills and experience by the guide leading that activity. CUSTOMER understands that it may occur that a suitable guide is not available to lead an activity, for reasons including but not limited to no further relationship with Munich Tours, health issues (especially for physically intensive tours), and logistics issues (for example, trains cancelled or roads closed). CUSTOMER agrees that if a suitable guide cannot be made available to lead an activity, it may be cancelled at short notice, including at the time or even after it is scheduled to start. In that event, CUSTOMER will receive a refund as defined elsewhere for that activity, and in all cases, the maximum refund or compensation will not exceed the amount paid to Munich Tours for the activity. CUSTOMER agrees that s/he has no claim for

  • forfeit of the experience of, or the opportunity to perform, this activity,
  • any costs associated with the activity, except the direct activity cost itself paid to Munich Tours as allowed, including but not limited to
    • transport costs to the activity,
    • accommodation costs to align with the activity,
    • equipment purchased for the activity,
    • ancillary costs such as photographic equipment purchased with the activity in mind,
    • training costs spent to prepare for the activity, including instruction and paid use of facilities.

If any CUSTOMER goes ahead of (meaning forward of) the guide, they are deemed to have left the tour and have no further claims for service or performance by Munich Tours.

The CUSTOMER indemnifies and holds Munich Tours harmless for any and all consequences of strike, protest, activist, political, or military activity.

German law applies. Should a clause of this indemnity and release of liability be unenforceable, all other clauses remain in force.

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