Gardens of Peace: We visit a selection of gardens on the morning tour

Gardens of Peace

Hear inspiring stories of triumph and tragedy from the resting places of some of Munich’s heroines and heroes of science, engineering, architecture, and humanity. We visit a selection of gardens on the morning tour, and a few more if you take the afternoon extension after a thoughtful lunch at a beautiful beer garden or restaurant. The walking is all flat and handicapped-friendly, and is a few hours in total. There are many opportunities to rest, and the commute between each takes just a few tens of minutes.

From Heisenberg’s Nobel Prize-winning work on quantum mechanics through Ohm’s mathematics that define electrical resistance, from the rivalry between Klenze and Gärtner that yielded the beautiful architectural face of Munich that we still enjoy today, through the engineering genius and deep morality of aviation pioneer Junkers, to the tragedy of the indigenous Amazonian kids who couldn’t survive the Munich winter, to the extraordinary bravery and conviction of the Scholl siblings, we re-live it all at our feet. The memorials to these great people, often surprisingly humble, are set in beautiful wooded surroundings, where we wish them peace forever. Come join us for this unusual, but fascinating tour that touches the heart of Munich.

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