Walking Tour of Munich

Get your guide for this fascinating and entertaining walking tour of all the best sights of Munich. This walking tour of Munich includes the famous Glockenspiel and the king’s own Hofbräuhaus, also Munich’s Nazi past and the Second World War. We also walk through Schwabing and the English Garden on our tour of Munich, and modern Munich’s innovative place in business and technology. And be prepared for some frothy stories about beer!

Other Things We Don’t Do in Munich

We recommend the tourist in Munich ascend the Old Town Hall Tower, or St. Peters, or both, although the photo opportunity from St. Peter’s is maybe better.  Both are at Munich’s Marienplatz downtown center.

The world-famous Munich Old Town Hall Carillon, or the Rathaus Glockenspiel, is a fun story played out on moving figures and real brass bells. This is also right in the center of Munich at the Marienplatz.

Easily accessible by public transport for the visitor in Munich is the Nymphenburg Palace. This Munich tourist attraction is in the close-in suburbs, set in beautiful grounds and introduced by a beautiful canal. The interior is stunning in its opulence and grace, although somewhat for aficionados if you’ve already been awed by some European palaces.

Olympiapark is the major tourist attraction in Munich  in which the facilities for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games are set. The famous tent structure, now over 45 years old and still an iconic sightseeing landmark of Munich, features the famous pool in which Mark Spitz set the record for seven Olympic gold medals, a record he held for 36 years. Nearby is the athlete’s village, tragic site of the massacre of Israeli athletes by Black September Palestinian terrorists. Ascend the tower for a panoramic view of Munich and the nearby Alps, and even treat yourself to dinner at the revolving restaurant.

Dachau Concentration Camp is an important sight to see while visiting Munich, if you have the heart and stomach for it. The site is largely self-explanatory, or you can take a guided tour of Dachau on-site, or you can reserve a tour to Dachau from Munich. Dachau can be reached easily by public transit as a day trip from Munich.

“Mad” King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s “fairy” castles at Neuschwanstein that inspired Disney’s Disneyland are on everybody’s must-see list of sights for the tourist in Munich. This is a fascinating day trip from Munich that every visitor to Munich should consider. There are numerous coach tour offers that leave from Munich and return later that day, or you could brave the Autobahn and drive yourself there. Tours of King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle are conducted in many languages by the qualified guides on-site, but early reservation in advance is recommended. Nearby is another castle built by King Ludwig II, the Schloß  Linderhof. This can be visited on the same day, or held for another day trip from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the beautiful surrounding towns and countryside.

There are fascinating and exciting day trips from Munich for the visitor, taking in some beautiful tourist sights near Munich. We go from Munich and take the visitor up the Romantic Road with the highlight tourist attraction of Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber. This well-preserved medieval city in Bavaria still has a complete city wall, that you can turn into an adventure experience by walking along the medieval city wall most of the way round. This sightseeing adventure from Munich can also be completed by car.

Within an hour or so from Munich by exciting Intercity Express high-speed train, or by coach or car, is the wonderful city of Nuremberg, site of one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world. Nürnberg also has a dark past, being the location of the Nazi’s Party Headquarters, the Reichsparteigebäude, and of the court room used for the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals, which building is still in use today as a courthouse. The tourist on a day trip from Munich to see the sights must be sure to enjoy the Castle and the Nürnberg Toy Museum too!

A couple of hours by car or train (please don’t fly, even though it is in another country!) is the magical city of Salzburg in Austria. The Sound of Music never seems to date, and gazing over the scenery, especially from the castle on the hill, certainly makes “The Hills Come Alive”! Of course, Salzburg is also the home of Mozart, so you must at least eat a marzipan and chocolate delight, the “Mozart Ball”, or Mozartkugel in German, even if you don’t listen to all 40 Mozart symphonies. Nearby, and on your return trip to Munich, are the Salzburg Salt Mines, which give the city its name, and a thrilling adventure for old and young as tourists from Munich.

Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest mountain hideaway, and the deep tranquil waters of the Königsee king’s lake, are another wonderful trip for the visitor to Munich. This is a tourist attraction when visiting Munich you should not miss, and you might even take in Hallein, the Celtic and Catholic darkest-town-in-the-world on your way back from your adventure trip out of Munich.

The famous tourist destination of the Munich Oktoberfest location is empty except during the festival, when you won’t be need to get a guide! Apart from a grid of tarred roads with flat dirt in between, there’s not much to see here, unless you intend to ascend the Bavaria Statue on the site.

Based out of Munich for the tourist visiting for sightseeing or more, there are numerous minivan tours available. Many Munich tour operators also provide hotel pickup or Munich airport transfer from MUC to the city center.

City Walking Tours of Munich, Outdoor Adventures in Bavaria, and Day Trips from Munich

What to do with time in Munich? Besides our standard Walking Tour of Munich or your own Custom Munich City Tour that visits the best sights of Munich, consider getting outdoors into the Alps or an excursion in Bavaria. Day trips from Munich include a hike or walk in the nearby Bavarian Alps, or a walk-and-water day at Lake Starnberg including beer garden. Get your guide for what to do on a spare day in Munich to inspire you with our unusual Gardens of Peace tour, or visit sites on our Celtic Heartland with museum and oppidium tour. In winter, guided skiing with ski rental from Munich for the day to Garmisch, or a winter hike or walk in the pre-Alps near Munich.