Celtic Heartland Day with Manching Museum and Oppidum Visit: We spend a number of hours at the Manching Celtic museum and oppidum

Celtic Heartland Day with Manching Museum and Oppidum Visit

The Celts inhabited Europe for perhaps 10,000 years, although their language derivatives are now only heard in parts of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany in France. The Hallstatt culture was predominant from 800 BCE until they were displaced by the Romans, with a high concentration right here in Bavaria. We visit a number of archaeological sites where there is evidence of Celtic settlements, then spend a number of hours at the Manching Celtic museum and oppidum. After the visit, your druid will return you to Munich, taking in a few more sites on the way.

After pickup of our visitors to Munich at a convenient central point or hotels in Munich, we head north and stop at a few sites where Celts have altered the landscape. We reach the fine museum of Celts and Romans in Manching, on the site of the Celtic Oppidum of the Latène culture. We will have a few hours to browse under the excellent guidance of the audio tour. After leaving the Celtic metropolis of Manching, we will return with stops at a few more sites of Celtic settlement, arriving back in Munich in the late afternoon.

For this activity for tourists in Munich, the tour is accompanied by an interested and informed guide, rather than a historian or an archaeologist, who has knowledge of how to access each site and identifying key characteristics camouflaged by man and nature over the intervening few thousand years. A further benefit is sharing knowledge within the group, on the assumption that all are inherently interested in the topic, most will have some knowledge to share, and there may even be a druid amongst us!

Access to the sites requires a short walk along trails, so please wear appropriate clothes and footwear.

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